The Jogyakarta, Indonesia, based architect Eko Prawoto is a remarkable example of a new generation of architects living in the developing countries who struggle daily to improve the living conditions of the common people. He researches deeply into the relationships between the geographic conditions, namely tropicality, architectural tradition, urban reality and community interests and develops construction projects for both everyday life and spiritual and cultural activities in the region. In the meantime, Eko Prawoto is a close friend and collaborator of the local experimental art community. He has firmly involved with designing art spaces and exhibitions, among other activities. Inspired by the landscape of Buonconvento, the idea was to create a gate as a filter that conjugates the city and the natural landscape, installed at it's borderline. He resorts to straw, the most available local material, in the field of the region and constructs them in the forms of traditional Italian arch-like portals. Clearly this project perfectly expresses Prawoto’s profound concern with the relationship between architecture and environment. For him, and no doubt for those who visit it for both touristic and everyday motives, this is a gateway between culture and nature.

Eko Prawoto, Straw poem, 2003
Argine di Porta Senese, Buonconvento
Project for Arte all’Arte 2003
Photo Ela Bialkowska, view of the installation