Getulio Alviani - "At that time I used to think that art was the height of the human expression, the best of human intelligence.". This is what Getulio Alviani wrote at the beginning of the 1960’s. Art has always solved problems. To defend their city from a terrible siege, the ancient inhabitants of Florence summoned Michelangelo. Today, on the contrary, the artist seems to have renounced the role of a resolver and of inventor of new technologies....  
  Giovanni Anselmo - "As if rediscovering the aesthetical tautology, the sea is water, a room is a perimeter of air, cotton is cotton, the world is an unperceivable unity of nations, an angle is a convergence of three co-ordinates, the floor is a section of a tile-covered surface, life is a sequence of actions" (this is Germano Clement’s tautological description of the so-called "humble art" (1) A stone is a stone, too, and Giovanni Anselmo knows it well, for he is an artist who began his career with the humble art ...  
  Luigi Ontani - "In the beginning of the Universe / the goddess was alone. / She laid the Egg of the world". This is the image of the bird-goddess as presented by the Indian mythology (1). According to certain myths, the bird which lays the egg is the same one which sits on it; it is the spirit that fecundates the formless matter (as for example the Holy Spirit, represented in the Bible as a white dove). In all the different symbologies, the idea of the Universal Chaos is closely related to the Cosmic Egg.  
  Michelangelo Pistoletto - "It might seem weird, but in the beginning - that is, in the 1950’s - I had focused all my attention upon myself, that is, on self-portrait. To see myself I had to look into a mirror. My problem was how to transfer my presence from the physical level into the mirror and then onto the canvas; in other words, how to bring it into that conceptual space which was supposed to give me an answer. In 1961, after having worked on it for a long time, I came to a solution: I painted a canvas completely black and then on the black I put a thick layer of paint - the canvas became a reflecting surface  
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