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Erected towards the end of 13th century at the crucial point where the rivers Staggia and Elsa meet, Poggio Bonizio was destroyed in the 1270 by Guido di Monforte, although it was rebuilt in the lower valley, where stood the village Marturi.

The town, strongly affected by the second world war bombings, it is nowadays a modern centre and the biggest industrial area of the Valdelsa. In the city centre we can find the two churches of San Lorenzo and the Choral, the Town Hall with the mayor's crests standing next an embattled tower.

Sites of interest are the Fonte delle fate (fairs' fountain) of 13th century, by Balugano da Crema, with its beautiful ogival arches; the unfinished fortress, designed in 1478 by Giuliano da Sangallo under request of Lorenzo il Magnifico. In the 14th century convent of San Lucchese, first belonging to the Camaldolese order and then to the Francescan from 1213, are present frescos of the 14th and 16th century and a urn containing the remains of San Lucchese, patron of the town.


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