Our project unfolds in an ideal field of action comprising three summarized terms: Art Architecture Landscape.
This year's edition, the fourth, maintains the same goal as in the past (1996 - 1997 - 1998). The intent, basically, is to continue an operation of visual stratification obtained by setting works of art, specially conceived and carried out for the occasion, in various small towns of art in Tuscany.
Tightly connected is the intention to bring to life that cultural relationship between city and country, that has historically and environmentally stratified through the centuries, by recognizing its deep roots but also by discovering new potentialities through the works of some very important contemporary artists.
Arte all'Arte, this year, winds through the communes of San Gimignano, Poggibonsi, Colle Val d'Elsa, Montalcino and Volterra and invites the visitor to discover the treasures of our history and admire as well, contemporary works of art usually seen only in museums.
A journey into landscape, between nature and culture. With this in mind some of the artists chose to give a new form and content to ancient materials such as alabaster, marble, crystal, greystone and have produced the suggestive atmosphere of these places by re-examining the ties between history, economy and culture of this land and the people that have lived here for centuries.
The other direction the project moves in, is connected to another aspect of landscape: agricultural products and relative gastronomical traditions, firmly linked to our culture and our interaction with the environment. Therefore, along with the catalogue, there will be a "Guida ai Giacimenti Golosi" by Davide Paolini.

Daniel Buren a Poggibonsi  
  Olafur Eliasson a Casole d'Elsa  
  Joseph Kosuth a San Gimignano  
  Atelier Van Lieshout a Montalcino  
  Giulio Paolini a Volterra  
  Tobias Rehberger a Colle di Val d'Elsa  
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Casole d'Elsa
Colle di Val d'Elsa
San Gimignano