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Enclosed within the valleys of the rivers Orcia, Arbia, Asso and Ombrone, abounding of forests of oak, chestnut and ilex trees, Montalcino overlooks all the surrounding countryside, situated on a hill at the height of 564 metres, on top of which dominates the imposing pentagonal fortress of the 14th century.

Interesting to visit are the beautiful Town Hall, the Episcopal palace, the Romanic-Gothic church of Sant'Egidio and the contemporaneous Sant'Agostino. The Civic and Diocesan Museum host painting of the School of Siena, with works by Bartolo di Fredi, Sano di Pietro, Luca di Tommè.

The surrounding countryside is mainly covered by vineyards which produce world wide famous high quality wines, among which the renown D.O.C.G. Brunello certainly occupies a place of distinction. Montalcino is also famous for its olive oil, the honey and its derivative products, ham, sausages, salami and the dairy products.


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