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Arte allĠArte. Arte Architettura Paesaggio is an event conceived and organized by Associazione Arte Continua of San Gimignano and is being held for the tenth time.

Each year six international artists from six different countries are invited to devise a specific project for the six councils involved in the initiative. The artists spend some time in the towns and then each one produces a site-specific work in a public space.

Arte allĠArte is aÒglocalÓ project that tries to establish a new balance between city and country and to create new ties between Art, Architecture and Landscape, giving back to art central role in shaping cities and the landscape.

Thanks to Arte allĠArte the concept to Artistic Agro-Environmental District has been developed with the aim of promoting territory. It would be a recognizable circuit, a new way to improve culture and environment, to make the tradition and contemporary sensibility closer to each other. Over the years 20 works by contemporary artists have become permanent in public spaces increasing the artistic heritage of the cities.

In the meantime since 1996, food and wine experts have selected 139 producers that have been included in the Arte allĠArte guide. Arte allĠArte project has developed the charity campaign Art x Wine = Water The money collected has been used to bring water to Brazil, India, Israel, Palestine, Senegal.


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