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Arte all'Arte

A project by Arte Continua, San Gimignano
5th Edition curated by Roberto Pinto and Gilda Williams
16-17 September – 6 January 2001

The fifth edition of Arte all'Arte will take place in six sites in Tuscany (Italy) from 16 September-6 January 2001.

Art, Architecture and the Landscape are the project's central themes, in beautiful, little-known sites located away from Tuscany's most famous and overcrowded tourist centres. Nevertheless the sites in Arte all'Arte boast have a long and significant artistic and natural history.

Six contemporary artists have been invited to participate in Arte all'Arte and create new, site-specific work. The artists invited to Arte all'Arte 2000 are: Tania Bruguera (Cuba); Kendell Geers (South Africa); Martin Creed (Great Britain); Alberto Garutti (Italy); Geoff Lowe and Jacqueline Riva (Australia).

Arte all'Arte has been realized with the cooperation of the towns of Casole d'Elsa; Colle Val d'Elsa; Montalcino; Poggibonsi; San Gimignano; Volterra; the provinces of Siena and Pisa; and the region of Tuscany.

This year's edition is characterized by the attempt to open up towards cultures and issues not 'traditionally' considered belonging to art. Arte all'Arte has turned its attention to international artists working well beyond the conventional art-world borders of Europe and North America. Artists have been invited from areas that are distant from the 'official' art centres, extending their art to incorporate the questions and culture of their own less-travelled areas.

The young Cuban artist Tania Bruguera combines tradition with new tendencies, mixing sculpture, performance and social activism. South African Kendell Geers addresses in his work the dramatic and relentless changes his country has undergone and its continuing transformation. Italian artist Alberto Garutti centres his work on the relationships between art and architecture, between the artwork and its context. Scottish artist Martin Creed, based in London, and Australian artists Geoff Lowe and Jacqueline Riva look at both 'high' and 'low' culture for sources for their work that combines art, music and the change in traditional roles.

The artists selected have all shown their continuing interest in one of the basic concerns behind Arte all'Arte: art in public spaces, art that extends beyond the confines of the museum or the gallery to spaces shared by the local population as well as visiting tourists. Responding to the context implies for the artist also looking at the social context; indeed many of the works will involve viewers who come into contact with the works.

Working in areas deeply connected to art history is one of the key ideas behind Arte all'Arte, bringing contemporary art to spaces identified with great art -- but only art from the past. All of the artworks in Arte all'Arte have been created for this occasion, responding to the context while bringing the specifics of each artist's background to the work and to Tuscany.

The notion of an exchange, between histories that here enter into dialogue together, and cultures which are often distant and ignorant of each other, is also key to Arte all'Arte. Following the exhibition opening, a catalogue for the exhibition will be published with texts by the curators Roberto Pinto and Gilda Williams. Each artist will have their own section of images from their previous works as well as the new works created for Arte all'Arte. The catalogue will also include documentation surrounding the project, with images of the artists at work and a guide for travellers visiting Tuscany and Arte all'Arte.

The guide will feature sites and facts of interest regarding the landscape and surrounding countryside, as well as little-known roads and walks, alternative routes that can be travelled by bicycle, by foot , or even by horse. The best hotels and guesthouses as well as restaurants and wine-tasting bars that are found on route between the sites of Arte all'arte site will also be given. The guide is compiled by Davide Paolini (journalist, Sole 24 Ore), with texts by Roberto Rossi (journalist, Panorama) and Michele Taddei (journalist, Corriere della Sera), and will be available soon after the exhibition opening.

For more information: Arte Continua, tel. 0577 943 134, fax 0577 940 484, artecontinua@tin.it Press office: DF Studio, Ester di Leo, Rosi Fontana, tel./fax 050 524 066 r.fontana@tin.it

text based pages main site press release as a pdf file (12k)
italian press release